Caddying For Sexy LPGA Golfer Meghan Hardin Would Be A Dream Job

by 4 years ago

You know, if there’s one thing that most guys never want to admit, it’s that a girl can perform a sport much better than he can.

However, after creeping on Instagram pics of LPGA golfer Meghan Hardin for about the past two hours, I can absolutely admit that I would let this girl dominate me—both on, and off, the golf course.

First discovered following a spot on the Golf Channel show Big Break Atlantis, Meghan Hardin may have been eliminated the first week—breaking every dude’s heart who thought she’d go far in the competition—but was too hot to stay away from TV, getting an encore presentation on Big Break NFL in Puerto Rico a few years later, making it all the way to the ninth week.

I could go on about how she’s competing on the LPA Symetra Tour and Cactus Tour, still looking for her first career victory, but I’d rather show y’all how photogenic the 22-year-old is.

Thank you, Meghan Hardin, you’re my new favorite golfer.

Meghan also likes putting up “Mermaid Status” pics—which makes the Internet happy.