People Comparing Tom Brady And His Six Rings To Thanos And The Infinity Gaunlet Is The Best Meme Of SB LIII

Meme Tom Brady And His Six Rings Vs Thanos And The Infinity Gaunlet

Getty Image / Marvel

Well, that was certainly disappointing. I don’t know why, despite every bone in my body telling me not to do it, I actually held out hope that the Los Angeles Rams would actually defeat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LIII.

I mean, I knew that Patriots were going to win as soon as they beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship. It was a forgone conclusion so I should have just watched the game with that knowledge and I wouldn’t have been so disgusted when it was all over.

Let’s face it. Boston wins. They just win. I can’t imagine having my teams win 10 championships in baseball and football over the past two decades. The Patriots alone have beaten me into sports submission.

Much like Thanos did when he snapped his fingers in Avengers: Infinity War, they’ve pretty much made every other team in the NFL just disappear.

Which is why the comparisons between Thanos with his Infinity Gaunlet and Tom Brady with his now six rings are so absolutely perfect today.

I can literally feel myself turning to dust and drifting off with the wind.

Perhaps Brady will be just the secret weapon the Avengers need in Endgame? Would it surprise you at all if he was?