Memphis Goes Absolutely Bonkers While Chanting ‘WHOOP THAT TRICK’ At Navy In Hilarious Sequence

memphis football chants "Whoop that trick"

Memphis fans are a different breed, and they always put on for their city. Very few places have pride and camaraderie like the Bluff City, even if that leads to a hilarious exchange with the United States Naval Academy at the end of an ugly win.

Rapper Al Kapone hails from Memphis. He released his smash hit “Whoop That Trick” in 2005, which later made an appearance in ‘Hustle and Flow,’ a movie about a pimp and drug dealer chasing his dreams.

The song has become a rally cry for the underdog, which Memphis often is, and has become an integral part of the city’s culture.

Its corresponding chant of “Whoop That Trick” first reached the city’s sports teams in 2012 when the Grizzlies hosted the Clippers in Game 4 of the NBA Playoffs. Supposedly, it started as “whoop that Clip.”

From that point forward, it stuck. The full lyric and song was integrated with Memphis sports— even the Tigers.

Thus, as the University of Memphis college football team was all-but guaranteed victory on Thursday night, fans at the Liberty Bowl proudly chanted “Whoop That Trick” in celebration. Even Desmond Bane was at the game and in the crowd as an honorary captain!

There was nothing wrong with the chant or its timing. The game was over.

Memphis fans went crazy.

However, the scenario in which the chant started to ring throughout the stadium was very funny.

Memphis allowed 432 yards to Navy and gave up 24 points. The Midshipmen were driving with a chance to win late in the fourth quarter and gained a first down with less than 10 seconds left, inside the 10-yard-line.

Upon further review, however, the Tigers made the stop and forced the turnover on downs.

At that point, after barely scraping by with a win in a game that its team probably should have lost, Memphis fans loudly and proudly chanted “WHOOP THAT TRICK” at the future United States military. The Liberty Bowl went bonkers.

A win is a win is a win. The chant was well-deserved and it always goes hard.

Its timing and the scenario on Friday, though, is pretty hilarious.

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