Merril Hoge Took a Blowtorch to Johnny Manziel on Sports Talk Radio

by 4 years ago

Steve Mitchell/USA Today Sports

ESPN’s NFL analyst and short-tie enthusiast Merril Hoge was a guest on the DVE Morning Show with Randy Baumann earlier today. He used his time to verbally murder Johnny Manziel and then bury the body in a shallow drive.

Warning: if you like Johnny Football, you will not enjoy some of the things you’re about to hear.

Holy hell. I’m starting to think Hoge is not a fan of Manziel’s talent or personality. Just a hunch, really.

If you like to read, here are some of the nasty things Hoge said about America’s favorite party boy:

  • “He’s a juvenile punk. He was like that in college, he’s still like that.”
  • “This is the one thing that probably burns me more about our league, the National Football League, than anything is when a player like Johnny Manziel is based on hype and excitement, not a true football skill. He really had no business being drafted in the first round.”
  • “This will be the saddest, quickest ending we have seen in quite some time. It’ll be like a Tim Tebow.”

Whoa, hey. No need to bring Tebow into this. Hasn’t he — and haven’t we — suffered enough?

It’s important to note that Hoge once ranked Joe Flacco as the best quarterback in the NFL. With a straight face. On television. For money.

So, yeah, perhaps he’s not being completely genuine and intellectually honest with his anti-Manziel takes.

Not that a professional would ever do that or anything.

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