Mets Fans Got Into an Excellent Brawl at a 50 Cent Concert at Citi Field

by 4 years ago


Lots of white people were sitting in the stands watching 50 Cent perform at Citi Field after the Mets lost to the Pirates Padres yesterday.

As happens when white people listen to rap, aggression foments. Hearing hip-hop music rekindles in them long dormant feelings of their ancestors’ enslavement, growing up in the ghetto, overt racism, seeing friends lost to crack cocaine and many other elements which only white Americans can truly understand.

That or all these dudes had 30 Bud Lights at a baseball game and this is what happens because white people are stupid.

Special shout out to the dude at the 0:12 mark of the first video who sees the chance to deck an unsuspecting woman and doesn’t leave a choice opportunity like that on the table. That’s hustle

[H/T Gothamist]

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