Miami Dolphins’ Lamar Miller Checking In With The NFL’s Longest Rushing TD Of The Year



Lamar Miller, turn on the jets!

The Miami Dolphins are absolutely drubbing the Houston Texans right now, and I hate them for it seeing as somehow all four of my fantasy teams managed to lineup against one or two Dolphins players. Just sucks to see your opponent putting up numbers like these through the FIRST HALF when you pull up the Fantasycast.



But I still can’t hate on this Lamar Miller 85-yard touchdown run. Absolutely electric. Dolphins might put 100 points on the board today. It’d be a disservice if the Texans don’t cut/trade J.J. Watt tomorrow. Let the dude go somewhere he can win and not give up 41 points in the first half.

*Cues the upset Texans fans’ ridicule*

[via MarcusD]