U-Miami Fan Cold Cocks One-Legged West Virginia Fan In The Face In Glorious Stadium Bathroom Hoopla

It’s tough to tell who the perpetrator of this hoopla is but if the U-Miami fan cut a line full of obedient drunk fans with a bladder full of piss, he deserves to be publicly executed. But if Stone Cold Steve Austin’s less ambitious cousin unnecessarily called him out, he deserved that pop to the fu manchu. Stadium bathroom rules are simple: When you’re pissing, just piss. No looking at your phone or the guy’s dick next to you. Also, don’t wash your hands, heroes aren’t made in men’s bathrooms. If these two dudes were to square off in an even fight, I’d say the U-Miami fan has a leg up.

P.S. It’s a minor miracle the bald dude from West Virginia with a fu Manchu didn’t say one thing racist when confronted. I thought a racial slur was a mortal lock from someone whose on the cover of the KKK recruiting brochure.

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