Angry Miami Heat Fans Want Team To Trade Tyler Herro After He Said LeBron James Was The Best Heat Player Of All-Time Over Dwyane Wade

Tyler Herro

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Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro annoyed local fans by giving an honest answer during a recent media session.

During a media appearance on Wednesday, Herro was asked by a little kid who he thought was the best Heat player of all-time. Herro paused for a moment and then said “LeBron James” which stunned former Heat assistant coach Tony Fiorentino who was hosting the media session.

“I’ll have to say LeBron James, You can’t go wrong D.Wade, LeBron either/or but growing up for me LeBron was probably my favorite player on the Heat”

Herro’s answer didn’t sit well with Heat fans considering Dwyane Wade is a God in Miami.

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