Michael Bisping Calls Luke Rockhold A ‘F*ggot’ Tells Him He’s Going To Knock Him Out Again Backstage After Fight

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Michael Bisping has never been one to hold his tongue. After last night’s fight, Bisping was not a fan of Luke Rockhold being a sore loser after losing his belt.

“He was out. I went over to talk to him afterwards, to say, ‘Well done.’ He didn’t have a clue where he was,”. “I shook his hand and he was kind of a bit of an asshole afterwards to be honest. Even when I shook his hand he said, ‘I already shook your hand.’ I’m like, ‘Don’t be bitter, man. Don’t be bitter because I took your belt, Luke.’”

It was the easiest night of my life, easiest fight, easiest payday, thank you, Luke. ”

Rockhold took exception to Bisping’s shit talking and confronted the Englishman backstage which caused the newly crowned UFC champ to go ballistic.

Bisping went on to call Rockhold a” cunt”, faggot” and told him he was going to “knock his ass out again” during the confrontation.

Things then got heated at the press conference.

Just let these two fight again, please.

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