Michael Irvin Makes Hilarious, But Valid Claim On Why He Thinks Tom Brady Decided To Un-Retire

Michael Irvin On Why He Thinks Tom Brady Decided Not To Retire

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  • Michael Irvin thinks he knows why Tom Brady ultimately decided not to un-retire.
  • Irvin’s claim is both funny and pretty valid.
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Michael Irvin is someone who knows what it’s like retiring from the NFL and reality of ‘real life’ hitting you in the face once you decide to hang up the cleats. That’s exactly why he wasn’t all that surprised that Tom Brady decided to un-retire this offseason.

Irvin recently joined Fox News Digital for an interview when Brady, and his decisions to retire and un-retire, were a topic of discussion.

For Irvin, he was never fully convinced Brady was going to call it quits why he was “at the top of the mountain.”

“I tell people all the time, you’re at the top of the mountain when you’re Tom Brady in the NFL. You’re at the top of the mountain,” Irvin said. “You’ve won seven (Super Bowls). You got more rings.”

On top of the fact that Irvin still thinks Brady is at the top of his game as an NFL quarterback, he thinks the reality of at-home life, and not being the boss anymore, drove Brady toward un-retiring.

“You’re the boss where you go then you decide I think I’m gonna retire. I think I’m gonna retire. And you go home and you have this idea in your head. It’s just a figmentation (sic), your imagination of what retirement is,” Irvin explained.

“When you get home and you learn that you’re no longer the boss, but you’re being bossed around at home, telling you what to do, you’re like ‘Wait a minute. I just want to sit here and relax.’ ‘No, I need you to do this. Can you get this done?’ And then you say, ‘Woah. Wait a minute. Maybe this is not what I want to do right now.’”

Both of Irvin’s claims here likely hold truth. Brady realized he still had some left in the tank, and that some left in the tank turned into a whole lot when at-home life settle in.