Jeezus, What The Hell Happened To Michael Jordan’s Golf Swing? Has It Always Been This Bad?


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Now we all know that NBA G.O.A.T. Michael Jordan has been a scratch golfer since his playing days back with the Bulls, but what…is…up…with his swing now?

Check out this video uploaded to Instagram by Bryan Bros. Golf yesterday and tell me, has his swing always looked this awful?


No wonder MJ wants to build his own private golf course. It’s so no one can see that swing that he doesn’t want seeing it.

That’s almost, dare I say it, Barkley-esque.

But back to my original question: Has Jordan’s swing always looked this awful? Let’s go to the videotape…



Hmmm, that was pretty similar.

You don’t suppose that now at age 53 and after all of those years pounding the hardwood MJ’s swing is now suffering because of it? Because, yeesh.

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