Michael Jordan Was Sipping On An Extremely Expensive Cocktail During His ‘Last Dance’ Interviews

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During the premiere of ‘The Last Dance‘ viewers were brought into the world of Michael Jordan and the Bulls’ 1997-98 season like never before. There was never before seen footage and plenty of new stories but throughout one interview setting it was tough not to notice the drink sitting next to Jordan. It caught everyone’s attention and raised the question of ‘what is MJ drinking?’

People all over social media were making their claims as to what the drink was, but thanks to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne we now know Jordan was sipping on tequila.

It’s not just any basic tequila, however, it was Cincoro, which Jordan actually co-owns along with four NBA owners.

If you aren’t versed in your types and brands of tequila, you aren’t alone, but Cincoro is rather expensive. Jordan’s bottle of choice is called ‘extra anejo,’ which is known as ‘the black bottle’ and it sells or up to $1,800 per bottle. It’s unknown whether or not he was actually drinking from ‘the black bottle’ or another variety of Cincoro, but it’s probably a safe bet to assume he was.

Sipping on tequila that runs for almost $2,000 a bottle is certainly a power move, but there’s also a rather expensive story behind the glass the said tequila is sitting in.

According to InsideHook, Jordan is sipping from a Waterford Crystal tumbler. A set of six of the ‘double old-fashioned glasses’ costs $395.

Pouring a glass, or a couple of glasses, of your own $1,800 bottle of tequila into a crystal glass to sit down and do interviews for a 10-part documentary series about your life isn’t too bad of a setup, Mr. Jordan.

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