Michael Phelps’ Newest Ad For Under Armour Is So Intense You’ll Want To Fight A Shark After Watching

by 3 years ago

Man, this is the real deal. By all accounts, Michael Phelps is training harder than he ever has for the 2016 Olympics in Rio, what will likely be his final competition.

He’s already the greatest swimmer ever, the greatest Olympian ever, and the dopiest looking mother fucker of all-time, but with all those accolades, he’s still fucking DRIVING. He’s given up booze, is not skipping workouts, and is gunning for more medals.

That’s some serious shit for you to consider, especially if you aren’t even cleaned up completely from jerking off this morning. Which you aren’t.

Come on, man. Get out there. Jump in the ocean. Fight a fucking shark. You’ll want to after this.

I know I want to.

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