Saints WR Michael Thomas Summoned For Drug Test After Posting Monster Deadlift Video

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas

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Football largely revolves around absolutely massive human beings routinely colliding with each other at high speeds, and you’re not going to hang around the NFL for very long if you don’t put in the work required to pack on some serious muscle.

Wide receivers typically need to maintain a relatively slender physique, so while they might not be able to go toe-to-toe with linemen in the locker room, they’re still able to put the average person to shame in the gym.

It’s safe to say that’s the case with New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas.

Thomas was a force to be reckoned with over the course of his first four seasons in the NFL, but he’s spent the past few years battling a series of injuries that have severely limited his playing time.

That wasn’t enough to stop the Saints from giving him a one-year deal last month, although New Orleans head coach Dennis Allen admitted the wideout still had some work to do when it came to recovering from the foot injury that brought his season to a premature end just three weeks into the previous campaign.

It would appear Thomas is pretty close to being all the way back when you consider he posted a video of himself deadlifting 530 pounds earlier this week.

That clip quickly made the rounds online, and it’s safe to assume it came to the attention of someone in the NFL’s front office when you consider Thomas posted a screenshot of a text informing him he’d been selected to submit to a drug test to screen for performance-enhancing substances.

Thomas isn’t the first NFL player to get hit with that particular summons shortly after showing off their physical prowess; DK Metcalf was ordered to do the same after ending up at the center of multiple viral videos back in February, and AJ Brown joked about the supposedly “random” nature of the screenings after Will Levis showed off his impressive physical transformation ahead of the NFL Draft.

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