AJ Brown Warns Will Levis Of NFL’s ‘Random’ Drug Testing Following His Viral Body Transformation

Eagles wide receiver AJ Brown warms up before the Super Bowl.

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AJ Brown has a warning for a soon-to-be rookie regarding the NFL‘s drug screening policy. The wideout sent a message to quarterback Will Levis, who’s going viral for his incredible body transformation leading into draft day.

Levis figures to be a first-round pick, even if he’s bombing the interview portion of the pre-draft process. The Kentucky product is considered one of the top five signal callers in the class, and he shouldn’t stay on the board past the first night.

Levis, who’s made headlines in the past due to both his on- and off-field antics, is a physically gifted specimen. While many don’t agree with his mayonnaise in coffee take, it’s hard to argue his high ceiling on the football field.

Standing 6′ 4″ and 230-pounds with a rocket arm, he’s already drawing comparisons to Josh Allen at the next level.

Earlier this week, he posted photos of his ridiculous body transformation leading in the NFL Draft. The pics quickly went viral on social media as Levis states he’s in the best shape of his life.

Philadelphia wide receiver AJ Brown saw the post online, offering a warning to the soon-to-be NFL passer. He jokingly says the quarterback should be on the lookout for a “random” drug screening.

Here’s what Brown said in a post on a Twitter account.

Will, this is … with Drug Free Sport. You’ve been randomly selected for a PED test tomorrow, March, 29 at 8:00am. Please report to the testing room with an ID ready to provide an adequate specimen. The testing window will close at 11:30am. Please like this text or reply back.

Brown is no stranger to NFL drug testing. He was “randomly” screened last season following an incredible three-touchdown performance against the Steelers.

Followers were quick to react upon seeing AJ Brown’s hilarious response to Levis, posting their replies in the comments section.

He insinuates that the testing is anything but random. AJ Brown suggests that Levis could be the next target in the NFL’s crosshairs after seeing his latest body transformation.