Michelle Beadle Sent Out The Tweet Of The Year Last Night, Roasted A Florida State Fan


With the Rose Bowl (corporate and other official names omitted on purpose) fast approaching, some of our nation’s finest sports media people have decided to have a little fun with #FSUTwitter. Toying with that particular fan base is akin to sticking your finger in a snapping turtle’s mouth. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

So when former ESPN columnist Molly Knight tweeted support for the Oregon Ducks yesterday, it was very likely things would spiral out of control.


OK, so an over exuberant and misogynistic idiot took a sports opinion too seriously. Happens all the time. But what came next is certainly uncharted territory. Another guy helpfully pointed out the angry tweeter is a registered sex offender.  That’s when American treasure Michelle Beadle decided to jump in and provide the mic drop of the year.


Dear God. Stop the fight. This one is over.

The user then mysteriously disappeared from Twitter. He won’t be missed.