Michelle Beadle Says She’s Boycotting Football And Won’t Watch Any Games Despite ESPN Preparing Her Show To Focus Heavily On Football

Early this morning, Get Up anchor Michelle Beadle blasted Ohio State for their decision to not fire head coach Urban Meyer because she feels he lied about not knowing about Zach Smith’s domestic violence allegations.

Beadle then went on to say that she was boycotting football and won’t watch any games because she believes women are being marginalized by the sport.

There’s a reason why this will be the second season I don’t watch NFL and I don’t spend my Saturdays watching college football either. I believe that the sport of football has set itself up to be in a position where it shows itself in the bigger picture to not really care about women — they don’t really care about people of color, but we won’t get into that for NFL either — but as a woman I feel like a person who has been marginalized.”

“And every single one of these stories that comes out, every single time, pushes me further and further away. I realize they don’t care, but for me it’s opened up my weekends. I appreciate you for giving that to me. I don’t care anymore. I’ve lost the ability to be surprised. You got three games. You could’ve been fired. They could’ve gotten away with not having to pay you a single dime. You survived it, and not only did you survive it, but you didn’t have the grace enough to at least look over the statement you were handed seven seconds before and pretend that you meant a single word in it. The entire thing is a disgrace. I’m just numb to it. I’m just ready for NBA to kick off, quite frankly. That’s what I’m here for.”

Beadle’s show “Get Up” has been suffering in the ratings department and ESPN is banking heavily on college football and the NFL to help save the show from disaster.

Just yesterday ESPN PR revealed that they were adding 11 college football/NFL analysts to talk football in the fall on Get Up.

According to the Big Lead’s Ryan Glasspeigel, people in the industry believe Beadle is trying to get fired from her show.