Michigan Trolls So Incredibly Hard They Scare The Life Out Of Player Before Offering Him A Scholarship

Michigan Basketball Troll Player

Twitter / @daycheck3

The University of Michigan Men’s Basketball team enlisted the help of a campus security guard to troll a player, almost to the point of tears, before offering him a Winter-time scholarship.

Andrew Dakich was a walk-on player on the Michigan Wolverines Men’s Basketball squad up until yesterday, but his performance in practice and on the court thus far impressed head coach John Beilein enough to offer Andrew a Winter scholarship worth $30,000. Before doing so the coaching staff enlisted the help of a campus security guard to read a prepared statement to Andrew in practice in which they talked about a potential rap sheet of rules infractions committed, and how Andrew would need to head on down to the precinct to answer for his crimes…but it all turned out great in the end:

If that Twitter video isn’t working for you this YouTube clip should be fine:

Even if you’ve never committed a crime in your entire life and you are put into this situation you’d be shitting your pants. You’ve got a cop in front of you, saying that you’ve broken rules which could forever change the course of your life, and all you see is an authority figure telling you that you’ve royally fucked up. You’re not thinking about innocence, you’re not thinking about how you might potentially be getting trolled…all you see is the possibility that you could not only be kicked off the team you love and bust your ass for, but you could even potentially be expelled from the University….Then they offer you a Winter scholarship (worth $30K)…HOLY HELL.

This is an A+++ troll job by the Michigan staff, and an excellent way to keep those players on their toes.

[h/t TheWashingtonPost]