Michigan And Louisville Played Baseball In A Literal Blizzard And The Scenes Are Absolutely Wild


  • Michigan and Louisville baseball did their best to play through a blizzard on Friday and it was absolutely crazy.
  • At one point, however, the snow became too much and play was suspended.
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Baseball is not meant to be played in the snow, but that is exactly what happened on Friday. Louisville baseball hosted Michigan during what quickly became a literal blizzard and the scenes are outrageous.

On Friday afternoon, an unexpected mid-March snowstorm rolled through much of the Southeast headed toward the Northeast. Quite a few college programs were affected by the weather, but with this being the last weekend of non-conference play for most schools, it was important to try to get the games in.

As a result, knowing that the snow may cause Saturday’s game to be cancelled, the Cardinals and Wolverines played a double-header on Friday. However, it quickly became a one-and-a-half-header.

When the first game began, it was a gorgeous, sunny day in Kentucky and fans in the stands were comfortable in short sleeves.

As the day went on, that changed very quickly.

The temperature dropped and jackets were very necessary by the start of Game 2.

By the second inning, the snow had begun. It came quickly, but it was manageable.

Come the third inning, the light, consistent snow became heavy.

And then it became very heavy.

And then it became very, very heavy by the 4th inning.

It became hard to see anything, but they played on.

Eventually, the catcher couldn’t even see the pitcher throw the ball to the plate.

At that point, the snow became too much and the game was suspended.

Louisville and Michigan will pick up in the top of the 5th inning on Sunday morning, because playing on Saturday was simply not an option. Wild stuff.