It’s Important That This Michigan State Fan Follows Through on His Promise to Drink His Urine

During Saturday’s game against Illinois, he posted this: “If MSU drives 99 yards and scores a TD, I'll drink my own piss.”

Connor Cook and company promptly marched down the field and scored thanks to this ridiculous tip-drill touchdown.

Then the Reddit community turned its collective eyes toward OKKGRIZZ and his quivering urine-free mouth.

Shockingly, though, he’s balking.

Hello Everyone,

I intend to make good on this commitment. As I said, I would post before the Michigan/Michigan State game this weekend. That being said, I would like to preserve my anonymity. I have a job I would like to keep 'n shit and families members not to shame. I can see Deadspin doing a stupid piece on this, “Sparty Bro drinks own piss”

Suggestions on how one might do this without blowing my cover?


So there you go, guys. Help him out if you can.

But this absolutely needs to happen. Don’t make all of those Spartans Will commercials liars, OKKGRIZZ. Do the right thing. Add a little yellow to your green-and-white world.

[H/T: Lost Letterman]