Michigan State Spartans Fan Just Won Christmas, Has The Most Outrageous Lights And Music Display Ever

We’re roughly 17 days away from this year’s College Football Playoff, a set of games that’ll pit #1 Clemson against #4 Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl and #2 Alabama vs the #3 Michigan State Spartans in the Cotton Bowl. A lot of stuff still needs to happen between now and the games on New Year’s Eve, countless practices, media days, and we as a society even need to celebrate that lil ol’ day set aside to honor the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesùs Cristo.

Part of the pageantry of Christmas is putting up your lights and letting everyone on the block know that you have the biggest swinging dick around by crafting the most spectacular display of lights the world has ever seen. This Michigan State Spartans fan has already won the Christmas Wars. Even if you’re not an MSU fan you need to respect the work this man has done:

If there was a playoff of College Football Fan’s Christmas Lights this bro would’ve already won it, hands down. The music + the lights, he’s locked up all the Yule Tide cheer that block has to offer. We need more college football fans like this in the world, especially on an El Niño year when it’s hot as balls everywhere in the nation but the Northwest. It was raining during the Packers game last night, RAINING. Mid-December and it’s raining in Green Bay. How in the heck are we supposed to catch the Christmas spirit without a little cool weather? Answer: more houses with lights like this Michigan State University bro. (via r/cfb)