Michigan’s Block M Vandalized With Green Paint Supporting Michigan State, Greatly Improved


It has been three years and one week since Michigan last scored a touchdown against Michigan State. It has been zero days since the Block M on the Wolverines’ Ann Arbor campus has been vandalized.

Yes, it appears some overzealous Spartan snuck past security and spilled Little Brother juice all over the Diag’s signature letter.

The first bout of Michigan-Michigan State rivalry hijinks apparently took place either late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, as The Michigan Daily’s Alejandro Zuniga spotted green spray paint over the block ‘M’ on the University of Michigan diag, which sits in the heart of campus.

The letters “S” and “U” follow the “M.” I think most can figure out what that spells.

And we’re not talking about some half-assed job. Early pictures of the clean-up effort suggest it’s going to be quite a task to remove all the green.

UPDATE: Just kidding. They have power washers and stuff. All better now.

The scuttlebutt on the message boards suggests the Michigan frat who traditionally guards the block M during MSU week was derelict in their duty, not showing up at all.

And it’s easy to imagine. The Wolverines’ recent struggles would break even the most ardent supporter.

In all seriousness, this bit of vandalism should not be celebrated. Look, no one likes to see Michigan shamed more than me, but there are ways to do it that don’t involve destroying property.

Plus, Sparty is going to win by, like, three touchdowns on Saturday. Isn’t that demoralizing enough?

[H/T: MLive]