Hockey Goalie Turned Model Mikayla Demaiter Goes Viral After Showing Off ‘Talents’ On Instagram

Getty Image

Mikayla Demaiter once had visions of stardom on the ice hockey rink.

Sadly, those dreams had to take a back seat when Demaiter suffered a career-ending injury that derailed her hockey career.

But she hasn’t let that hold her back from becoming a star either way.

Instead, Demaiter turned to modeling and has become an overwhelming success. The former goaltender has built quite the following for herself. She boasts 1.9 million Instagram followers and the same amount on TikTok.

So yeah, we’d say things worked out okay for her.

Demaiter’s latest post, which has garnered over 150,000 likes and 3,000 comments on Instagram, shows her displaying what she calls one of her “many talents.”

“I’m a woman of many talents and making walking uphill in heels look easy is among them,” the caption reads.

Demaiter’s life may not have gone exactly as planned to this point. But it’s safe to say she’s making Plan B work pretty darn well with the whole modeling gig.