Mike Ditka Farted With Authority On Live TV And Chris Carter Was Horrified, Yet Impressed

In a real stinkfest that saw both quarterbacks shit the bed and throw five interceptions combined and only two touchdowns and the only thing worth watching was the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer which premiered at halftime, so it’s only fitting that someone farted to highlight how crappy of a game it was.

During ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown, legendary Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka farted on live television. The trouser cough was a prelude of shitty things to come in the Philadelphia Eagles’ ugly 27-7 win over the New York Giants.

Ditka wanted to feel like home so he brought the “Windy City” to Philly on Monday as he busted ass on the pre-game show. Ditka does the classic fart lean and then lets out a vibrating and lengthy ass blast.

Chris Carter was shocked, impressed and disgusted all in one facial expression.



Ditka, just turned a ripe 76-years-old this past weekend, so you know that his ass wind can’t smell like freshly baked cinnamon buns on a chilly Sunday morning. A diet of loaded Chicago-style hot dogs, prune juice and cholesterol medication must make for horrendous hot gassers. His rectum is decaying and it’s probably impossible to stop the launch of his ass missiles once they’re in the chamber. Guess he’s really not a tight end any longer. Let’s just hope he didn’t shart himself.