Mike Florio Really Wants You To Know That Someone Sent Him Mean Text Messages

Mike Florio Receives Mean Text Messages, Wants You To Know About It

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  • Mike Florio shared a bizarre tweet about receiving mean text messages.
  • The NFL analyst didn’t explain who sent him the texts, which makes the whole situation even weirder.
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Mike Florio received some text messages on Sunday and he really wants you to know it.

The Pro Football Talk NFL analyst shared a bizarre tweet on Sunday night explaining that he received some mean texts. He didn’t explain who the text messages were from and that it was difficult for him to keep the name to himself.

Florio’s tweet may very well be the biggest nothing-burger ever shared on Twitter, which is saying a lot. The one single point of Florio’s tweet is him letting the world know that he’s such a great guy for not releasing the name of the person.

Florio may as well have tweeted ‘I just received important information from someone, but I’m not going to tell you about it, but please give me attention.’

You have to applaud Florio for his service and bravery sharing a note about text messages nobody on the planet would’ve known about unless he posted his riveting tweet.

Folks on Twitter roasted Florio for his random tweet: