Noah Syndegaard Gets Destroyed By Mike Francesa In Twitter Beef

Noah Syndergaard Gets Destroyed By Mike Francesa In Twitter Beef

Getty Image / Cindy Ord

  • Mike Frnacesa took a at Noah Syndergaard on Twitter after he signed for the Angels
  • Syndergaard fired back and paid for the price for that decision
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Just when you thought the Noah Syndergaard era in New York was over, we got one more hilarious chapter of the story. With “Thor” on his way out of town, Mike Francesa decided to take the opportunity to remind him that he looked more like Donald Blake for much of his Mets tenure.

Syndergaard decided not to re-up with the New York Mets and instead signed a 1 year, $21 million deal with the Los Angeles Angels. Francesa seized this moment to take a parting shot at Syndergaard on his way out the door.

Syndergaard didn’t take too kindly to this remark and decided to fire back by noting his lack of awareness about Francesa’s continued existence.

I feel like this is where Syndergaard already starts taking an L. As somebody who grew up as a sports fan in New Jersey, I can tell you that if Mike Francesa were to die, anybody in the tri-state area who remotely follows sports would know about it.

Francesa showed no mercy with his response and Surtur wasn’t coming to bail “Thor” out this time around.

I guess Noah Syndergaard has never watched “The Wire” or he’d know, that if you come at the king, you best not miss. Syndegaard came for the king of New York and missed big time.