Mike Francesa Moderating A GOP Debate Makes For The Best Political Debate Of All Time

Mike Francesa spliced into a GOP debate as the chief moderator? I honestly can’t think of a more necessary video editing exercise to take on when you consider the vibrant clown show we’ve been privy to over the last few months. And seriously, Mike does a spectacular job of moving things along in his adorable irritated fashion.

Who knows, this video could very well lead to Mike Francesa actually moderating a Presidential debate.

One of the best highlights comes at the 3-minute mark, where Francesa reacts to Jeb Bush making a promise to give everyone “a warm kiss.” I’m with you there, Sports Pope.

Just an outstanding job by ‏@RNs_Funhouse, a vital Twitter account that takes Mike Francesa absurdity and mockery to the proper level.

[H/T‏ @RNs_Funhouse

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