Mike Francesa’s Amazing Rant On Peyton Manning Kissing ‘Popper John’ Was Outstanding Radio

Peyton Manning oddly decided to make Papa John the first guy he kissed after winning the Super Bowl. Not his wife. Not his kids. Not his parents. Not even Cooper Manning. Nope, he instead kissed Papa John and Mike Francesa is pretty pissed off about it.

“The first guy you kiss can’t be Popper John after ‘da game!”

In the brief 30-second clip, he said this three times, with each one quickly working its way up the ladder of unreasonable rage.

Francesa also went on to say that if they turn the romantic moment shared between Pey-Pey and Papa into a commercial, he’s gonna throw up!

Also, come on Mike. “Why is Pappa John on the field?” Oh, I don’t fucking know, maybe because the guy spends BILLIONS on ads every Sunday. It’s like asking how Archie Manning managed to gets seats in a suite.

Few things are better than a classic Mike Francesa eruption, like this one on Joba Chamerblain and Andy Pettitte.

Always remember, Andy Pettitte is a stahting pitcha! If you don’t come to grips with that fascinating fun fact, you pay the price like poor Alex did there.

[H/T @rns_funhouse]