Mike Greenberg Gets Torched Online For Take About Lakers & Warriors

Mike Greenberg

Getty Image / Desiree Navarro

Talking heads have bad takes all the time. It’s part of the job as these people share their opinions nonstop.

However, ESPN’s Mike Greenberg is getting torched online after sharing what might be the worst take ever about the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors.

LA is one game away from closing out the series and punching their ticket to the Western Conference Finals. But considering the game is in Golden State, many believe the Warriors can at least elongate the series.

With that in mind, Mike Greenberg explains why he thinks the Lakers should actually rest all of their starters for Game 5… In the NBA Playoffs…

Here he is on Get Up explaining his thought process.

What in the world is Greenberg talking about? Why is he comparing the NBA Playoffs to the MLB Playoffs? How do those two things have anything in common?

Could you imagine LeBron James going along with that? Of course not! It’s LeBron James! Why in the world would a team try not to win a game to close out a series?

NBA fans couldn’t believe their ears. So, of course, they torched Mike Greenberg’s take about the Lakers and Warriors.

Same here, Emmy.

It might be the craziest take about playoff basketball of all time. Is there a worse take floating around out there?

Is it safe to say that Greenberg didn’t think this one through?

It’s been a really tough week for Mike Greenberg.

Everybody hates load management in the regular season. Could you imagine the uproar if it happened in the playoffs?

I don’t know what’s going on with Greenie right now. Maybe he’s just talking to talk. But this is an all-timer for bad takes.

Look for the Lakers to do the exact opposite of what Mike Greenberg suggests as they take on the Warriors at 10 P.M. Eastern on Wednesday night.