Giant Fanboy Mike Miller Keeps Wearing LeBron James’ Warmups Instead Of His Own

by 5 years ago

Mike Miller has taken on the role of the LeBron James whisperer this postseason. After nearly every timeout, you can see the two conferring for 15 seconds or so before joining the rest of the team.

The two BFFs won titles together down in Miami and are clearly thick as thieves. But Miller is really taking things to the next level by wearing his buddy’s warmup shirt instead of his own.

Miller’s been doing this all postseason and who could argue with the results to this point? I can’t decide whether this is a noble show of solidarity or downright creepy. Maybe a little of each.

Perhaps he thinks he can absorb some talent through osmosis. I don’t think it works like that but I’m not a scientist.

Also, if the Cavaliers are able to pull this thing out and bring a title to a long-suffering Cleveland, I’m sure locals wouldn’t care if they renamed the team The LeBrons.

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