Mike Napoli the ultimate bro Continued his victory tour shirtless drunk on a Bar Crawl

​In case you poo na ni’s dont know who Mike Napoli is he’s the first Basemen/Catcher the Red Sox picked up from the ranger’s this last off season for 5-13 mill depending on aton of shit  yaddda yadda yadda anyway this dudes the ultimate bro. He’s one of the bro’s responsible for FEAR THE BEARD and the man just said fuck it I want to get drunk last night and when on an a shirtless bar crawl solo with the fans… Congrats buddy I’m a few states away in Potland Maine Lighting up for ya. You know he woke up with a few hunnies and a hangover.http://www.redsoxlife.com/2013/11/the-mike-napoli-victory-tour.html