Mike Perry Reacts To Conor McGregor Faceoff At BKFC 41 ‘We Can Go Throw Hands’

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Conor McGregor shochked the combat sports world when he attended this weekend’s BKFC event in Denver, Colorado.

Apparently, McGregor was interested in watching Eddie Alvarez take on Chad Mendes in the BKFC ring, two fighters McGregor faced in the UFC.

During the fight, McGregor could be seen yelling instructions in the ring to one of the fighters.


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While speaking to the media, Alvarez believes that McGregor was instructing him to a throw an uppercut but wasn’t sure because he heard Conor was rooting for Mendes.

“I thought he yelled uppercut for me to do it. HI thought I heard overheard that he was helping him. I don’t know I think he’s playing both sides”

After the main event between Mike Perry and Luke Rockhold, McGregor jumped into the ring and got into a faceoff with Perry while holding a BKFC championship belt.

Perry went on to say that he welcomed a fight against McGregor

“What’s next for me? Conor McGregor, he likes to box too, we can go throw hands, and he gave me a faceoff, how cool was that?”

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