Mike Tyson Opens Up About Helping Francis Ngannou Prepare For Tyson Fury

Mike Tyson and Francis Ngannou

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Francis Ngannou is set to take on Tyson Fury in a boxing match on October 28 and it should be one of the most highly anticipated fights this year.

The MMA star turned boxer aims to do the impossible and defeat on the best heavyweight boxers in the world right now.

However, Francis Ngannou is getting a little help from Mike Tyson. The boxing legend opens up about training the heavyweight spectacle.

With that said, we all know that Ngannou packs a punch. He’s one of the hardest hitting fighters we’ve seen in any combat sport. So, it makes sense why he has Tyson in his corner.

Mike Tyson was a master at throwing power punches and he should be able to help Francis Ngannou get his timing down more efficiently in a boxing ring.

That’s exactly what Tyson wants to do to help Ngannou overcome Fury, per MMA Orbit.

“It is no secret I back Ngannou 100% in this face-off of champions. He has one hard punch, and when it lands, it’s game over. I am looking forward to working with Ngannou and supporting his transition from the octagon to the boxing ring. He isn’t a combat novice, he is a world champion. The key will be combining his energy and combat skills into his punches and using his agility to move swiftly around the ring then delivering the knock-out blow. We’re here to win.”

All of that is fine and dandy but there’s a reason why Tyson Fury is the heavy favorite. Boxing is a much different sport than MMA.

Despite that, Ngannou truly does have the power to end a fight at any moment. Whenever he’s fighting you can’t blink.

But if you’re going to have anyone in your corner to help you prepare for a boxing match, it might as well be Mike Tyson.

We’re still roughly three months away from this highly anticipated bout. So, until then, all we can do is speculate about who may or may not win.