We Need To Talk About The Pushup Form Mike Vrabel Displayed Ahead Of Titans-Patriots

mike vrabel push ups titans patriots

Getty Image / Brett Carlsen

As the Titans and Patriots get set to do battle in their Wild Card matchup in Foxborough on Saturday, Tennessee head coach Mike Vrabel trotted out to the field a few hours prior to kickoff to get the blood flowing.

Vrabel and a couple of other staff members of the Titans wanted to get a little pregame workout in at Gilette, which nobody should fault them for that, but we absolutely can fault the pushup form Vrabel showed.

This ain’t it, coach.

I’m pretty sure we can all agree that those aren’t legitimate pushups. You can just hear all the Crossfit hardo’s screaming while simultaneously throwing their phones through a wall when they see this video. It’s okay, I’m not a Crosffit guy which means I can take a jab at them while also making fun of Vrabel’s form all at the same time, that’s how this works because they work out hard and I don’t and it makes me feel better about that.

Along with being a large dude, Vrabel is a three-time Super Bowl champ, so maybe these half-ass pushups are the secret to a successful life. With that type of resume, he can do whatever sort of pushup he wants to. Hell, he could’ve just gotten done bench pressing a car in the weight room before trotting out on the field and pushups were the last thing he wanted to do.

I’m also going to go out on a limb here and suggest that as a former NFL linebacker, his body isn’t quite 100%, these pushups may be about all the shoulders and chest can handle these days.

Coaches and staff working out on the field ahead of a game is a pretty common thing in football and in all seriousness, hats off to the 44-year-old for getting a quick sweat in before taking on Tom Brady and the Patriots.