Millennials Are Ruining the Tour de France Because They Won’t Stop Taking Selfies


For a few weeks a year, we remember competitive cycling exists and tune into the Tour de France so we can know the name of the winner having his title stripped a few years later. The race itself is beautiful, meandering through some of the most gorgeous country in Europe. But because we can’t have nice things, this year’s edition has been marred by idiots taking selfies.

Sure, the support of the thousands of fans that have shown up along the official route in England has been great to see, but as American Tejay van Garderen wrote on his Twitter account, “It’s a dangerous mix of vanity and stupidity.”

Roads in England – and much like the rest of the way along the Tour when it shifts to France – are narrow. With cobblestones and high wind speeds also complicating their rides, cyclists have their hands full. Overcrowding fans coupled with a swarming peloton creates a dangerous environment for both involved, promoting Tour directors to issue warnings following Sunday’s stage that fans are encroaching too far on the street.

To be fair, the TdF is a much more reasonable place to snap a candid photo than others.


Say what you will about the intelligence of the idiots wandering out into high-speed traffic, but they’re definitely making the action more watchable. Go ahead, tell me the possibility of some jabronie getting clocked at 40 miles per hour doesn’t excite you a bit? And with a sport barely flickering the embers of interest, maybe it’s time cycling considers including some wayward pedestrians just to spice things up.

[H/T: NBC Sports]


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