Milwaukee Brewers’ Brett Phillips Easily Has The Most Hysterical Laugh You’ve Ever Heard

The Milwaukee Brewers captioned this video “We challenge you to watch this without laughing,” and seriously, it’s impossible not to after witnessing outfielder Brett Phillips laugh as he clowns around with teammate Will Smith. The CF’s guffaw is genuinely one of the best we’ve ever heard, and falls somewhere between a crying horse and and a choking llama. Just incredible stuff.

The young Phillips made his way to Milwaukee from Houston last July. Dude raked .309 last year with 16 HRs, 77 RBIs, and 17 steals and was a bright spot on my own fantasy squad (4th overall in our 2015 Rule 4 draft, whatup!), given that he was merely a prospect at the beginning of the 2015 season. This year, he’s got an earnest shot at working his way into the Brewers starting OF rotation, and it already seems like he’s loved in the Milwaukee clubhouse.

Phillips has already shown hints that his playing ability is no joke. His laugh, however…that’s a different story.

[H/T Circa Sports]