Old Ass Milwaukee Bucks Fan Does The Splits In One Of The Greatest Dancing Performances By A Dude Over 55


There are some things I can explain in life, but a 55 and over dance group for the Milwaukee Bucks sure as hell ain’t one of them.

Known as The Grand Dancers, the Bucks recently held tryouts for a spot on the dance team’s roster, which allows all those geriatrics to dust off their velcro-strapped shoes for a little boogying down, showing what they’ve still got in those legs of theirs.

And this guy fucking KILLED it!

Spinning around as if he were Justin Timberlake or someone, ol’ dude shocks everyone by busting into the splits, which, unsurprisingly, draws a chuckle from the dude recording this thing.

The reaction on the other competitor’s faces are priceless, though, as if their minds are saying to themselves, “Oh, shit, this dude just brought the damn fire with that.”

No word on the insurance plan for anyone part of the squad, but, I’d hope, something is offered to cover the amount of broken hips that are bound to happen.

[H/T FTW.USAToday]