ESPN’s Mina Kimes Ranks Turkey Dead Last In Her Thanksgiving Food Power Rankings And She May Be On To Something

mina kimes thanksgiving food power rankings

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Every year when Thanksgiving rolls around fierce food debates take place and each and every year everyone’s opinion is wrong and only mine is right.

The food that seems to take the most heat at Thanksgiving is actually the head of the table, the turkey. Look, you either like turkey or you don’t. You can prepare the bird a countless number of ways, but there really is only so much you can do to really change up a turkey compared to the last one you had. They’re easy to overcook, they can be dry, and to be honest, turkey can be boring. It may be the only food on the planet you can describe as boring, but it fits.

ESPN’s Mina Kimes, who really rarely has a bad take, tends to agree with me.

During a segment on NFL Live this week, Kimes was asked to give her Thanksgiving food power rankings and while I may not agree with her Top 4, she did have turkey all the way down in the No. 1,000 spot calling it “just a gravy delivery vehicle.”

I respect the hell out of Kimes for not only having one but two different pies inside her Top 4 with pecan pie and pumpkin pie making the cut. I’d flip the two, a good pumpkin pie is far superior to a good pecan pie, but it’s still a strong move.

Now, full disclosure here, Thanksgiving turkey gets better with time, as in the following week or so after when you pile it high between two pieces of white bread, lather it with some mayo or Miracle Whip (the correct choice) and some pepper.

Leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches, good. Bland bird on your plate the day of, bad.