The 2022 ‘Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team’ Has Been Unveiled And It’s As Glorious As Ever

2022 Minnesota High School All Hockey Hair Team Is As Glorious As Ever



  • The members of the 2022 Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team have been unveiled
  • The lineup of lettuce and killer flow is as glorious as it’s ever been
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High school hockey tournaments aren’t usually the subject of intense media attention, but there is one major exception in the form of the collection of teams who earn the right to face off against each other after the regular season comes to an end in Minnesota each year.

The reason that tourney is able to garner such a great deal of hype is that it’s spawned what is arguably the second-most prestigious honor a hockey player can achieve aside from raising the Stanley Cup: being named to the “Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team.”

It’s been over a decade since a guy named John King uploaded a video paying tribute to the luscious locks that were on display at the competition in 2011. Since then, the world has waited with bated breath for him to drop his yearly recap of the best flow Minnesota’s high school hockey players have to offer.

Last week, we got our first look at the many worthy contenders who threw their mullets and bleached lettuce into the ring in the hopes of being named to 2022’s All Hockey Hair Team, and now, we’ve learned which ten guys have earned ultimate bragging rights thanks to the most recent installment.

Top honors went to Gavin Blomdahl of the Hermantown Hawks, who spoke with a reporter about the win after his team also walked away with a state championship.

Nothing highlights just how stiff this year’s competition was than the fact that Maple Grove’s Chayton Fischer failed to make the final cut.

With that said, everyone is a winner in our hearts.

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