Mullets And Wild Haircuts At The 2022 Minnesota High School Hockey Tourney Are Outrageous

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  • When it comes to hair, no one does it like Minnesota high school hockey players.
  • The boys absolutely brought it for this year’s state tournament and the haircuts are WILD.
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The Minnesota High School Hockey Tournament is one of the rowdiest events in sports. After a year without fans, a packed house of 20,000 are jammed into the Xcel Center in St. Paul.

Minnesota is the hockey mecca of the United States and “The Tournament” is a huge deal and everybody comes out to support their local high school— we’re talking brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors… all the way down to Barbara, the bagger at the grocery store. Men’s or women’s, it doesn’t matter.

If your team is playing, you’re there.

In addition to the energetic atmosphere and high-level hockey, The Tournament is a showcase for some of the best (loose definition) haircuts in the game. Players go all-out with mullets, dye jobs, racing stripes, afros, and free-hanging lettuce out of the back of their buckets.

Last year’s All-Hair Team was incredible, but the boys have really stepped it up in 2022. From bowl cut mullets, to half-shaved heads, to full-team dye jobs, the lettuce is luscious and the flow is rocking.

Here are some of the highlights:

Maple Grove’s entire team brought their best this week.

However, of the Maple Grove roster, Chayton Fischer is the leader in the clubhouse for best hair of the entire tournament and there is a very slim chance that anyone will dethrone him from the top spot. His shaved head mullet is INSANE.

Minneapolis’ entire team dyed their hair. Also, notice that they all have flow to begin with.

Henry Davis in particular lives for the camera.

And then we’ve got Mahtomedi coming in with the full beards.

The beard is even more glorious in motion.

He later scored a goal and hit a fantastic celly.

From top to bottom, Mankato East-Loyola has it going on.

Take note of the bowl-cut mullet in particular.

Prague’s goalies are set to make their case for First-Team All-Hair.

Edina, which usually brings some of the best hair to the Tourney, was solid once again.

And Prior Lake brought the hair to match some of the best jerseys in all of hockey.

As for introductions, a few favorites stand out.

We’ll start with Warroad, who had a player with great hair trip, but recover gracefully.

And then there’s this guy, who went full psychopath and shouted out his mother. You love to see it.

The seductive mustache lick is a classic.

And everybody loves a good “The Rock” eyebrow.

The 2022 Tourney’s All-Hair Team will be released when all of the games have been played, but there are going to be a lot to choose from. It’s a stacked field this year.