Minor League Baseball Fans Were Pranked With a Terrible Giveaway

Minor League baseball exists for two reasons. The first is to provide a place for prospects to play as they get ready for the Majors. The second is to create the most ridiculous promotions known to man.

Fans at a recent Lowell Spinners were unwitting participants in a psychological experiment pushing the boundaries of such promotions.

In collaboration with Sports Illustrated, the team rounded up a bunch of items no sane human being would desire.

You know: used socks, soggy underwear, half-gone Gatorade … the works.

As you may suspect, the fans still went crazy for the game-used items.

Yeah, really no surprise here. We’ve all seen people in $1,000 seats go completely bananas for a screen-printed XXXXXL T-shirt or nerf basketball.

Everyone knows you check your pride and common sense at the turnstiles of a sporting event.

This is just further proof.

[H/T: Sports Illustrated]