NFL Fans Shred Awful Refs For Not Calling Obvious Pass Interference Call In The Rams-Seahawks Game

NFL Fans Shred Refs For Missing Obvious P.I. Call In Rams-Seahawks

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I’m a football fan — that’s my main sport. No, not the American version, but the European version. Don’t get me wrong, I love the NFL just as much as any regular joe, but a couple of years ago, when all of the Kaepernick/Trump/kneeling/CTE discourse seemed to overtake the sport, it just became too much of a drag. Luckily for me, my Pops was working in Liverpool at the time, so making the transition from being a Jets fan to being a Liverpool fan was quite easy, to say the least.

The reason I mention soccer, though, is because I’ll often say that nothing kills my enthusiasm for the sport more than the poor officiating. Despite being the fact that the Premier League is the greatest league in the world, the quality of the refereeing is just so, so poor. Depressingly poor. Don’t even get me started on Sunday’s Liverpool-Spurs game.

The NFL is, quite obviously, also suffering from quality-of-officiating issues, as virtually every week, there seems to be *at least* one truly awful call that even fans sitting on their couches are able to make, yet the professional refs actually calling the game routinely miss.

Those issues surfaced their ugly head on Tuesday night, as the refs in the Rams-Seahawks game missed a BLATANT pass interference call against DeeJay Dallas, who was absolutely leveled by Ernest Jones. Needless to say, NFL fans were left aghast by the truly awful missed call and took to social media to absolutely shred the refs.

With the 20-10 win over the Seahawks, the Los Angeles Rams moved to 10-4, which is good for the best record in the NFC West along with the Arizona Cardinals. The Rams will look to continue their quest for the #1 seed in the NFC when they take on the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

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