Mississippi State HC Mike Leach Proposes Radical Change To College Football

Mississippi State HC Proposes Radical Change To College Football

Getty Image / Wesley Hitt

The NIL deals have completely changed the college football landscape. With student-athletes able to be paid now, many schools have had to change their recruiting philosophy to remain relevant. Now, it appears that Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach proposes a radical change to college football as a way to balance out the NIL deals.

Mississippi State HC Mike Leach Wants A Full Draft, Trades, And Cuts

According to Sports Illustrated, Mike Leach believes that college football should become a full-on professional sport. With college football in the middle of amateur and professional, the Mississippi State head coach thinks it should just become professional. He goes on to explain his thought process on the matter.

“This should not be a masquerade party of professionals. Are you a professional or are you not? Instead of sitting here and having 17-year-olds lecture everybody that they are professionals, well, let them be professionals. It’s one [amateur] or the other [professional]. Right now, we’ve got this whole mysterious stratosphere of people wiggling all over back and forth.”

Many coaches have been vocal about their displeasure with the NIL deals since it was established back in July 2021. It’s unclear what the future holds for college football, but Mike Leach truly believes his idea could fix some of the issues. Especially considering he proposes athletes enter as either an amateur or a professional, per Sports Illustrated.

“With professionals comes responsibility. Yeah, you will potentially make more money. But you are drafted and can be traded. That’s what professionals do. This college football group [of administrators], they are all shocked by that. Why are you shocked by it? Name one league of professionals who don’t do it that way.”

We’ll see how it all plays out in due time. With NIL deals booming in a way most didn’t anticipate, some changes could be made down the road. At least the Mississippi State head coach is offering up some ideas.