Mississippi State’s SEC Schedule Release Was One Giant Acid Trip And Fans Love It

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The SEC released its conference schedules for the 2024 and 2025 college football seasons on Wednesday.

The release garnered a number of attention for two major reasons.

First, it was the first season that the conference would move from SEC East and West divisions to a division-less model. Second, it was the first season that Big 12 powerhouses Texas and Oklahoma would join the fray in the SEC.

Naturally, this raised a number of eyebrows. With matchups such as Texas at Texas A&M in 2024 headlining the schedule announcement.

But it was a school that nobody was talking about who stole the show.

Enter Mississippi State.

The Bulldogs have been firmly in the middle of the SEC pack for much of the last decade. Always solid but never spectacular, fans don’t often talk much about the team down in Starkville.

But that all changed on Wednesday night.

The Bulldogs used AI technology to recreate the mascots of each of their 2024 opponents. And the results were absolute nightmare fuel.

“Inside you there are two wolves,” one person said of a rotund Arkansas Razorback next to a jack Florida Gator.

“Dear men, what’s stopping you from looking like this,” another asked of the gator.

Some how the Texas A&M Aggies ended up looking like a giant thumb. Because what the heck is an Aggie anyway? Either way, people took the hilarious graphic and immediately thought of thumb-thumbs from Spy Kids.

But we saved perhaps the best for last. How could we ignore the Tennessee Volunteers mascot, which is not a dog (like Smoky), but rather giant, anthropomorphic orange that is essentially the stuff of nightmares.

Maybe AI isn’t quite ready to take over the world yet. But one thing is certain, it should certainly be tasked with all mascot mock ups from this point forward.