This Slam Dunk Contest Mashup Of MJ-Dominique And LaVine-Gordon Is Must-See Footage

As Paul Bearer once told the Undertaker, Kane is aliiiiiiive, and the same can said for the NBA Slam Dunk contest. And we can thank Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine for that.

In fact, it was so good, people are making legitimate and fair comparisons — highly unusual for a sports argument — to the infamous slam dunk showdown between Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins in 1988.

Even the NBA has gone ahed and made an awesome mashup video comparing 1988 to 2016. To no surprise, it’s pretty damn glorious.

The stark difference in the comparison here can be found in the names alone. I can say “MJ-Dominique” and everyone knows exactly what I’m talking about. Then I can say “Aaron-Zach” and people will think I’m talking about some fierce rivalry on a soap opera.

Winner? 1988.

Meanwhile, everyone is probably still hilariously yelling at Mutombo for inexplicably giving Aaron Gordon a ‘9’. But as much as I loved everything Gordon did — and think it’s clear he got robbed from taking home the prize — I tend to side with Mutombo when it comes to anything and everything in life.

“I only gave the guy one ‘9’ but I get killed on that one score,” he said, shaking his finger. “Anything else I did was OK but that one.”

Shake it off and keep wavin’ that finger, ‘Deke.