Mike Trout And His Angels Teammates Pulled An Outstanding April Fools Prank On Pitcher Garrett Richards

Things just got really awkward, really quick.

Exceptional execution here by Mike Trout and the rest of the Los Angeles Angels to set pitcher Garrett Richards up right off the bat by letting him field all the questions this girl was laying down, and it’s almost as if Richards set himself up for total, awkward disaster when he was blunt enough to tell the girl who wanted to break up with her boyfriend, “Just give it to him straight.”

Love the fact that the Angels let the situation get as awkward as humanly possible before breaking the news that it was, in fact, just a really epic prank they had just pulled off.

For what it’s worth, and I know he was acting, but the dude who was proposing was so damn cheesy he deserved to get dumped if this was real life.

April Fools, bro! And while we’re at it, here’s another outstanding prank to commemorate the day…

[H/T For The Win]