MLB Is Now Selling ‘Groupie Wedges’ Which Look Exactly Like The Shoes An MLB Groupie Would Wear

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at New York Yankees

John Munson/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

The Major League Baseball “Groupie Espadrille Wedge” is here, for erm…the MLB groupie in your life this holiday season, I guess? Looks like these puppies are on sale, too! Yeah, Jeets!


You think Jeter sent his groupies on their way with a fresh pair of these in the gift baskets he allegedly gave out after one night stands? Had to, right? I mean, what’s an MLB groupie without a pair of MLB Groupie Espadrilles? Nothing, exactly.

Luckily, for the MLB groupies out there, it appears the wedges manufactured by Cuce are available for every MLB team, and come in both black and tan. Although, the black features some leopard print on the inside, so if you’re going full groupie, those are probably the call.

Here’s what the World Series’ champs look like, in case you’re wondering.


And with that, I hope your girlfriend doesn’t own a pair of these, because that can only mean one thing…


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