The MLB Takes Down All Stories/Content Featuring Current Players From Their Websites During Lockout


Things are going to get weird during the MLB’s first work stoppage in 26 years.

On Wednesday night, it was revealed that the MLB owners had decided to institute a lockout after failing to come to an agreement on a new CBA with the players union before it expired at midnight.

Not long after the lockout announcement was made public, all stories/content featuring active players were removed from and team websites.


You may notice that the content on this site looks a little different than usual. The reason for this is because the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the players and the league expired just before midnight on Dec. 1 and a new CBA is currently being negotiated between the owners and the MLBPA.

Until a new agreement is reached, there will be limitations on the type of content we display. As a result, you will see a lot more content that focuses on the game’s rich history. Once a new agreement is reached, the up-to-the minute news and analysis you have come to expect will continue as usual.

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