MLB Removes Marijuana From List Of Banned Substances For Minor Leaguers And The Reactions Are Righteous

MLB Removes Marijuana From List Of Banned Substances For Minor Leagues


In a move that will hopefully become a trend in sports, and the rest of the world, Major League Baseball announced on Tuesday that it would cease testing minor league baseball players for the evils that is smoking marijuana.

“As part of a new agreement on opioids being negotiated between Major League Baseball and the players’ union, MLB will remove marijuana from the list of banned substances for minor leaguers, sources tell The Athletic. Major leaguers have not been subject to testing for marijuana,” tweeted MLB insider Ken Rosenthal.

That’s right. Guys living around the poverty line will now be able to smoke weed and not get in trouble for it at work. Sorry, coke, molly, and LSD are still banned though. Buzzkill.

Prior to this change in policy, minor league baseball players faced a 25-game suspension for their first positive weed test, a 50-game suspension for a second failed test, 100 games for a third, and were banned for life if they tested positive for marijuana a fourth time. Something that 99 percent of minor league baseball players most definitely could not afford (literally) to have happen.

TMZ Sports speculates that the reason for the change of heart regarding marijuana by MLB might have something to do with Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs’ overdose death involving opioids fentanyl, oxycodone and oxymorphone.

As one might expect, reactions to this news was met with much joy and celebration.

Your move, NFL.