MMA Fighter Suffers Gruesome Arm Break – Yeah, Your Arm Isn’t Supposed To Bend That Way

Bloody my face. Give me cauliflower ear. But don’t break my arm or my leg. That not only looks painful as fuck, but you’re out of commission for months. This dude was putting up a valiant fight until…


We take you to Poland, to the HFO 2 Kunlun Elimination 2016 undercard that happened last weekend. The match was between two unnamed amateurs. Is it really that hard to just name the fighters?

The fighters were locked up and then the soon-to-be-person-who-can’t-open-a-jar-of-spaghetti-sauce was flung to the ground. As he plummeted, he attempted to brace his fall with his arm. Big mistake. Just should have gone down because his arm snapped and is now bending the opposite direction it was intended to.

So this poor fuck got his ass kicked and his arm broken. And he didn’t even get to have his name listed so people could send flowers to him in the hospital.

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